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Servers for Roleplayers

Posted By Tamam Shamoon     January 18    


I would also say that there are a variety of regions in the game. I think you are fine going with the kind of character you describe for that very reason. For example, the initial part of the game where Hongmoon clan trains is a 'picturesque' china style landscape that one would imagine in a traditional Chinese painting but there is a massive desert soon after as well. Even if you consider China alone, there are a huge variety of regions there and as a result subcultures too. While a lot of that is more homogenized in modern day, the older histories of china are pretty clear that lots of differences existed. And that is just china, not other nations on the mainland like Vietnam or other cultures of the region Cheap BNS Gold.

Personally I think that if you try to make a character that brings their own culture and custom then it could be a fun point of role playing. If many people do go with Buy BNS Gold an East Asian theme for their character then you can build on cultural difference for a point in your role playing experience.

I don't think any of my characters will be strictly based on any real cultures and since the different races of the game are loosely described I maybe think its up to you to take some creative liberty