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Want Premium status? Get in line

Posted By Tamam Shamoon     January 20    


I was hoping to squeeze in a few hours of Blade and Soul Gold tonight and this is what transpired:

1. Launch Blade and Soul
2. See 45 minute queue time (that it turns out is actually going to take well over an hour)
3. Say, "Huh, well I was going to get premium status anyway; I suppose now is a good time to start that up."
4. Go to the website and after several minutes realize, "Oh, you can't buy premium status on the site. Meaning that to avoid the queue times you have to wait through the queue times to buy premium status in-game? What?"
5. Close client and see what else I have to play.

I mean, I get it, I've played pretty much all of the mmos and queue times are a thing especially at launch, and maybe I missed the place on the site where I can pay for the premium status (though it not being easy to find would also be a sin). But come on guys. I'm standing here, disposable income in-hand, wanting to waste it on your game that I have enjoyed so far and I get turned away? Really? I suppose I'll just have to wait a few weeks/months and see if the queues go away - they usually do. **sigh**

Moral of the story: never make it difficult for a customer to Buy Blade And Soul Gold give you their money - never. You can add subs for the other NCSoft games attached to my account via the website, why not this one? Why wasn't that a key feature before you launched?