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Let players in?/Fix queue/Don't pay to play/Fix Bot Spam

Posted By Tamam Shamoon     January 21    


As much as I love to wait in queue's personally id rather not see Buy Blade And Soul Gold a queue timer or have one at all I understand it is to reduce lag but if no one is even able to get in the first place whats the point of adding more servers that will still have 3 hour wait times, not to mention I even crashed in queue after 5 hours of waiting. I get that popular and exciting games are like this but this is just insane if other games that can handle a higher population base on release why cant this? Having to pay to have faster queue times when there are still 800 in priority and 3-5k non? more servers isn't really going to help much, especially if players per server are not distributed evenly not to mention the fact that it just opens up more spots for bots to fill. Honestly if your game isn't playable how could you charge people to play if they cant even get in.

Dear Blade & Soul Team/NCSOFT:
Your money isn't in queue, its in the hearts of the players who truly love the game, stop this madness please

Don't sweat it. Metacritic's already below average score. They just damned their game by refusing to restart the server (a 20 minute tops feat). They've been labeled Cheap Blade And Soul Gold as your typical p2w scam company like so many before 'em. Shame greed gets the best of people. I was looking forward to this game.