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Albion Online:How can I speed up my laptop?

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    January 18, 2016 2:01 AM EST

    I bought a laptop back in 2010 with Windows 7 on it. I haven't used it in 2 or 3 years because it got loaded with viruses and was really slow. So the other day I deleted everything and restored it to factory settings. It's running a lot better but it's still way slower than my desktop by buy Albion Online Gold. I was wondering if you guys knew of anything I could do to speed it up? I tried googling it but every site I click on says something different. Programs to install, uninstall, settings to change, etc. - I'm open to anything. Thank you in advance.

    Alright the biggest bottle neck in your computer is the RAM. 4GBs is considered the minimum for gaming these days. 8gb is the suggested amount and anything over that isn't needed unless you are building a desktop PC.

    I WOULD NOT recommend changing you CPU on Albion Mall. That is a taxing experience and honestly I would invest anything into this laptop over $100. You can start building a nice desktop around $500 anyways. As for everyone suggesting changing your operating system (OS) I don't think its really needed if you just going to be playing game like Albion. Again if your paying for an OS you may as well save that for a desktop.

    Just upgrade your RAM a bit. Anything else will probably cost to much vs performance. Installing RAM is easy and won't require you to take your whole laptop apart. Otherwise I would just consider upgrading your desktop PC.