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On to my points - some or all of Albion Online

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    January 19, 2016 3:09 AM EST

    Diversity - I think there should be more things to create albeit weapons/armour in the tiers. For example take the Journeyman Bow. I know we can add a variety of abilities to it but maybe there should be a variety if say a curved bow that gives more power damage, a longbow that gives more initial range, a short curved bow that is quicker to use initally. Yes abilities do this things but you also add abilities on top of the initial stats. Therefore yes you create the same hundreds of items but the diversity hopefully should create a wider market for stuff.

    Quality - In some regards ties in with the above - depending on your level i.e 25%, 50% of your skill depends on the quality of item. Yes again I believe there is quality (though admittedly not gone far enough to see how that works) but if there was a Cheap Albion Online Gold chance to create better items or depending on your skill will create quality items with differing stats. Therefore back to the Journeyman Bow - Low level quality have lower stats, higher create better stats. There still might be a problem in people flooding the market with decent gear but if you make the quality items with a lot more grind (i.e more components) to create maybe that will compensate.