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Representative Of The Larger Albion Online Group

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    January 20, 2016 3:45 AM EST

    The science behind polling is solid. ALL polls, gallup, push, straw etc. they all rely on smaller numbers to act as representative of the larger group. Simply telling us that "not all people will use the poll" does nothing, and i mean, absolutely nothing to discredit it whatsoever.

    Yes the small minority do represent the majority of the Albion Online Silver players SINCE they arent representing themselves. Lets take the election system - if we dont show up to vote for someone... its not considered right. Basic sense - people have payed money to help in its development that means voicing their opinions in the fking forum.

    I've already given my reasoning as to why this poll might be inaccurate. Its possible that the people frequenting the forums are a vocal minority. There are a huge number of players that don't come to the forums, but still play the game a lot. Hell, the forum even has posters that don't have the game. I'm not saying that this is the case, but I'm acknowledging a possibility.

    It seems from my perspective, at least, that most of the Albion Online Power Leveling  forum goers are participating in this ridiculous circle jerk where every decision made by the devs is the righteous work of god, so yea, the forum does seem like you're polling a democratic gathering on whether or not they like democratic decisions.

    To me, I don't care whether they wipe it or not, because I'm here to play the game, and post on the forums occasionally; either to share a video or talk a little trash.